The DEUZ Sisters

At its core, DEUZ comprises of the French sisters Marie, 36 and Charlotte, 34, who put their life and soul into their products. The aim is to create objects that enliven the imaginations through energetic colours and designs. In addition Marie and Charlotte believe they have a responsibility to choose the best materials for the kids and for the planet, so they only use certified organic cotton and print with natural inks.

Q&A with Charlotte & Marie

What was your idea and inspiration for DEUZ?
My sister and I come from a large family of 6 kids, we used to play a lot and always created small gifts and made up stories to entertain the rest of our "tribe". In 2010, we decided to launch DEUZ because we wanted to design smart, beautiful and practical toys to develop kids' imagination. Our baseline: "Time to play" reflects our approach. We want to celebrate childhood and its moment of boundless imagination, great discoveries and inventive stories. This moment in life is precious and kids deserve the best when they grow up. They also deserve a safe planet, which is why we choose sustainable materials and ecofriendly partners to create our collection.

Tell us a bit about your background and what has fascinated you about designing toys?
I studied finance in business school, and traveled for many years before settling down in Paris. My work experience in NYC, Mexico and London, working for luxury perfumes and cosmectics, gave me an international background and the love for creative projects. My sister Marie graduated from the Arts Décoratifs School, she worked as a Artistic Director and graphic designer for many years. She always comes up with new ideas for her kids, mixing DIY, colours, materials, with a very graphic approach. Our inspiration comes from our childhood, trying to give our favourite toys a modern twist, as well as from inspiring artists such as Paul Cox, Blex Bolex, Severin Millet. We see today's kids growing up and think what objects would parents and kids share? We like to think that our creations can remain in the family through generations thanks to their unique design and high quality.

What was your favourite toy when you were a kid and why?
In a big tribe, the best toy is often the one you can share and which survives many adventures. We would spend hours outside in the Summer building wooden huts. On rainy days, the Monopoly was a big affair. We would also fight to ride the wooden red horse, which have survived so many cavalcades and now decorates our parisian office!

What are your plans for DEUZ in the future? 
We are currently working on a new baby creation to be revealed in January 2017. Stay tuned!