The Maammo Shop is OPEN

Today is the day we reveal, and a world of beautiful play.

Through play, children explore, experiment, design and discover, all while having fun. Play is essential for our development. Play is learning. It promotes the development of our cognitive and social skills, and helps shape us as complete human beings.

Toys are tools for play, the first things we love, our first introduction to art. They build our memories of childhood, and connect generations through play. They follow us through life, and keep us curious.

We wanted to create a place to celebrate the beauty of play. With no division between girls and boys. With things that are built to last. Less things, but better things. And more play.

That place is called Maammo. It’s a toy store, but not your usual kind of toy store. We’ve combed through the history books, scoured Japanese toy collections, and found the most skilful producers from Brooklyn to Helsinki. We’ve put together a carefully curated selection of the best the world has to offer in modern playful objects. Toys that support children as they grow, and gain new abilities. Toys that you want to keep when your children grow up.

All our products are artfully designed objects — beautiful, intelligent and longlasting. And they’re intended for everyone, because play is something we shouldn’t grow out of.

We hope you’ll play along.

Love, Signe & Daniel