Permafrost's Shipping wooden toy set with the fishing boat, barge, oil tanker mini, submarine & tug boat
Permafrost's Shipping wooden toy set with all the 17 parts layed out
Permafrost's Shipping wooden toy set with the submarine
Permafrost's Shipping wooden toy set with the barge

Shipping — London Design Festival Edition


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The Shipping set of wooden toys is designed by the Norwegian design studio Permafrost for the 10th anniversary 100% Norway exhibition in 2013. Along with the Archipelago and Offshore sets, the Shipping set was first presented during the London Design Festival in 2013.

The Shipping set consists of the Shipping Fishing Boat, the Shipping Barge, the Shipping Oil Tanker Mini, the Shipping Submarine and the Shipping Tug Boat.

  • Age: 3+
  • Materials100% sustainable, FSC certified wood. Natural, unfinished beech wood, blue stained beech wood. 
  • Dimensions, fishing boat: 11,5 x 5 x 7,2 cm
  • Dimensions, barge: 30 x 6,5 x 3,5 cm
  • Dimensions, oil tanker mini: 27 x 7,3 x 6,5 cm
  • Dimensions, submarine: 22,5 x 6 x 6,3 cm
  • Dimensions, tug boat: 11,5 x 7 x 7,5 cm

Stories by Permafrost
Stories by Permafrost is a collection of iconic design objects. All the objects in the collection have been created for different international design exhibitions, and as prototypes they have been displayed in places like Milan, London, New York, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo.